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Builders’ Ironmongery for Trade & DIY Projects in North Somerset

Whatever you’re working on, ironmongery is likely to be required. From iron nails to drill bits, ironmongery products play an unseen but critical role in our project outcome. That’s why it’s so important to choose quality products, and Staddons is proud to stock a comprehensive range. If you’re looking for screws, saw blades, joist hangers, or something else, we can sort you out. Whether it’s a one time purchase to fuel your DIY hobby or part of a regular trade arrangement, we can supply you with quality, reliable iron goods.

Superdrive Screws – Various Sizes

Drywall Screws – Various Sizes

Deck Screws – Various Sizes

Timberfast Screws – Various Sizes

Thunderbolts – Various Sizes

Cup Hex Bolts & Nuts – Various Sizes

Coach Screws – Various Sizes

Nails – Various Sizes

All Purpose Masonry Screws – Various Sizes

Stainless Steel Nails – Various Sizes

Irwin Products

Jigsaw Blades

Circular Saw Blades

Masonry Drill Bits

Wood Drill Bits

Timber Hole Saws

Masonry SDS & SDS Plus

HSS Drill Bits

Jigsaw Blades

PZ1 Driver Bits

PZ2 Driver Bits

Saber Blades

Glass and Tile Drill Bits

Gorilla Products 

Gorilla 5 Min 2-Part Epoxy 25ml

Gorilla Clear Mounting Tape 25mm x 1.5m

Gorilla Contact Adhesive 250ml

Gorilla Glue 115ml

Gorilla Glue 250ml

Gorilla Glue 500ml

Gorilla Glue 60ml

Gorilla Glue Crystal Clear 50ml

Gorilla HD Grab Adhesive 290ml

Gorilla Super Glue 2 x 3g

Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle 12g

Gorilla Super Glue Gel 15g

Gorilla Tape Black 11m

Gorilla Tape Black 32m

Gorilla Tape Black Handy Roll 9m x 25m

Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear 48mm

Gorilla Tape Silver 11m

Gorilla Waterproof Coat & Seal 473ml

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape 3m x 100mm

Gorilla Wood Glue 236ml

Gorilla Wood Glue 532ml

Met posts 

Met Post Bolt Down 100mm x 100mm

Met Post Bolt Down 75mm x 75mm

Met Post Bolt Down 50mm x 50mm

Met Post Concrete Spur 100mm x 100mm

Met Post Concrete Spur 75mm x 75mm

Met Post Post Extender 100mm x 100mm

Met Post Post Extender 75mm x 75mm

Met Post Repair Spur 100mm x 100mm

Met Post Repair Spur 75mm x 75mm

Threaded Bars – Various Sizes

Joist Hangers – Various Sizes

Galvanised Straps – Various Sizes in Light and Heavy

Universal Jacksaws in 20″ and 22″

Gate hinges, Latches, Locks and other gate accessories

Stainless Steel Wall Starter Kits

Galvanised Angle Bracket 90mm x 90mm x 60mm

Expanded Brick Reinforcement Galvanised 61mm x 20m

Expanded Brick Reinforcement Galvanised 112mm x 20m

Expanded Brick Reinforcement Galvanised 178mm x 20m

Expanded Metal Lathing Galvanised 2440mm x 685mm

Nail Plate 80mm x 200mm

Galvanised Arris Rail Brackets

Truss Clips


CT1 Anthracite

CT1 Black

CT1 Clear

CT1 Grey

CT1 White

GB Pro Clear

GB Pro White

Decorators Caulk White C3

Decorators Caulk White 60 Minute

FS4 Intumescent Sealant

Multi-Mate Silicone White

Multi-Mate Silicone Translucent

Anchor Bond EU3

Lead Sealant Grey

Builders Sealant Grey


Gripfill Adhesive Filler Standard

Gripfill Adhesive Filler Solvent Free

Pink Grip Adhesive Direct Bond

Pink Grip Adhesive Solvent Free

D4 Wood Adhesive

Wood Adhesive Polyurethane 30 Minute

Wood Adhesive Polyurethane 5 Minute

Wood Adhesive 502 All Purpose


Monster Scrim Tape 50mm x 90mm

Fiba Scrim Tape Xtreme Orange

Masking Tape General Purpose 25mm

Masking Tape General Purpose 38mm

Masking Tape General Purpose 50mm

Aluminium Tape 50mm

Aluminium Tape 75mm

Mammoth Tape Silver 50mm x 50mm

Beads & Mesh

Angle Bead 45mm 2400mm & 3000mm

Thin Coat Angle Bead 25mm 2400mm & 3000mm

Thin Coat Angle Bead White UPVC 3mm 2500mm

Stop Bead 10mm 2400mm & 3000mm

Thin Coat Stop Bead 3mm 2400mm & 3000mm

External Render Bell-cast Bead 2400mm & 3000mm

Standard Mesh Bead Mini 25mm 2400mm

Stainless Steel Angle Bead 3000mm

Stainless Steel Bell-cast Bead 3000mm

Stainless Steel Stop Bead 3000mm

Vapour Barrier Green

2.4m x 50m x 125mu

Polythene TPS Light Duty 

25m x 4m

Ironmongery for Delivery and Collection

We deliver our extensive range of ironmongery products to construction companies and self builders across Bristol and North Somerset. Arrange yours today!